Internet learning


I am privileged as I am lucky enough to be able to work from home. Some days I dress up, others I do not.

Today is one of those days; I will not get out of my pajamas. I actually slept in which is often difficult due to you know who, (Mafi, my crazy cat. See picture below) I have stopped worrying about him bringing in birds. Let him eat them (yuk) saves me buying cat food. I know, a lot of cat lovers out there are going,” phew!! How disgusting. Cats should be kept indoors, away from all the dangers.” No, I feel it’s much more natural for them to go out. It’s the birds that are in peril.

So enough of cat talk. I am on my third day of doing an internet writing course. I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I am.  I can pause, go get a cuppa tea, go to the bathroom without disturbing any of the others. So this, my friends is my future. Writing classes in the morning, and part-time work in the afternoon.

Temperatures in Phoenix are unbearable right now, so evenings are spent in the pool, then maybe a movie. Such an exciting life I lead LOL. But I am happy.


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