TV Romance


I’m not a big fan of television. I like PBS for Death in Paradise and Downton Abbey and a few nightly network programs like Elementary, Castle and 60 Minutes.

However this time of year is even worse, as all the reruns are aired. What to watch is the question? Big Brother. Never! Wipeout. Please. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I’d rather throw my TV out of the window.

Because of the limited choice I hate to admit that I started to watch the Bachelorette. So, I’m a romantic soul, that’s my defense. The first airing of this show, a few years ago, was good maybe because of its newness, but each season the shows steadily got worse. I think the Producers realized this, so they beefed it up by staging it in different parts of the globe. Also this Bachelorette seems to have more intelligent things to say to her potential suitors, than the previous ones.

Personally I cannot imagine myself being in front of cameras 24/7 flirting with 20 guys, can you?

It is tough these days to meet interesting men. I’ve tried a couple of online websites with no luck, but I won’t give up until I’m too old to have any interest in the opposite sex.


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