Online dating


I have to preface this piece with an apology to all the blondes…dumb and otherwise…

A few months ago I joined POF (Plenty of fish) website…very interesting and sometimes very entertaining. I talked to a guy who sounded like he had a French accent and decided to meet him … I was impressed when he rolled up in his Mercedes SL500 convertible. He suggested we go to a party so I followed him to a hotel in Scottsdale. It turned out to be one of those computerized singles groups, which I had attentively avoided for years. However I decided to make the best of it and see how he acted in a public setting. He bought me a drink, then off he went to chat with every blonde in the room … BLONDE!…Oh, I think he thought from my bad picture on POF I was a blonde … well I can only claim to having blonde highlights. His accent turned out to be Yiddish with a bit of Hungarian thrown in. I watched him annoyingly drop his Mercedes key ring in front of every blonde he spoke to. Okay, buddy you have a nice car… what else can you bring to the table?

I walked up to a makeshift notice board and read some of the profiles that were posted. One in particular caught my eye. A name that wasn’t run of the mill (Bob Joe John Dick…you know what I mean) Johann, a name that intrigued me and a background of travel. I turned, wondering where he could be…and there he was, right next to me talking to a blonde. Maybe I was rude by interrupting and saying to him “you’re the one I want”…this lead to a brief conversation before informing me politely he had to dance with the blonde….. About 10 minutes later he came over and we had a great conversation, then a very bad dance but I didn’t care for once, as this guy was definitely “eye candy” with a personality. I could see a slew of blondes waiting to have a few minutes with him so I handed him my business card, and bid him adieu…and thought nothing more about it. I had had a great time …and my original date? He stayed …dancing with the blondes. LOL

To be cont’d


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  1. You are brave. I don’t know what computerized singles groups are, but I think I’d be allergic to them and break out into hives as soon as I stepped into the room. Then again, I just got blonde highlights in my hair, so perhaps I’d be dancing…ha ha! Can’t wait to hear your next adventure.

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