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In the hysteria of war, all are suspects.


CAIRO — Authorities have detained a swan on suspicion of being a spy.

The suspected winged infiltrator was taken to a police station on Friday in the Qena governorate, 280 miles southeast Cairo.  The swan remained mute during the interrogation the bird made no apparent efforts to refute the acquisition.  He did seem to have his feathers ruffled when authorities examined the electronic device he was wearing.

The head of security in Qena, Mohammed Kamal said the device, like the swan, was scrutinized and was determined to be benign.  The swan would not confirm the subsequent conclusion that it was in fact a wildlife-tracking device.  The swan was subsequently released and has not been heard of since.


In a possibly unrelated incident the World Swan Tracking Station said a member of their elite team was “off’-grid” for several hours on Friday leading them to suspect recruitment of the fowl as a double agent by a foreign power.

More on this story as it develops.


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