Young Love

He wanted.

She wouldn’t

She wanted,

but couldn’t.

They awoke

finding themselves

closer together.

Old Love

The rain reminds me

of when I arrived.

I was very much in love then.

Why does love fade

In such a short time?

Child of the Night

Tall and thin, doe-like eyes

Older than her thirteen years.

She walks busy streets

Alone, unaware of danger

From a passing stranger.

Where will her next meal come from?

Adventure. THIS IS LIFE.

She begs from passers-by

Catches loose change.

Cars slow down, men make offers.

Should she perform that deed

The pay will suffice her need.

No. There are other ways.

New experiences. THIS IS LIFE.

Save the change, make a dollar.

Taco Bell has a special,

McDonald’s has a deal.

A beer from the local store,

Her mother never did much more,

She has reasons to run away

Freedom. THIS IS LIFE.

A quarter, shall she call home

And face the consequences?

Or call 1-800 for help.

The system will find her a place.

The answer is in her face,

She ponders on her future.

Humility. THIS IS LIFE.

So many others just like her,

Older, harder and wiser

With knowledge of sleeping places.

Abandoned houses, cardboard tent,

Park bench for one, money all spent.

Can’t exactly call it home.

Uncertainty. THIS IS LIFE.

No more slaps from an unemployed father.

No more yelling from uncle Brad.

No more whining grandparents here.

Doesn’t miss her drunken mother,

Or teasing from a drugged out brother.

On her own now.

Independence. THIS IS LIFE.

Where will it end?

Thirteen, knows it all.

Cheating … stealing … starvation.

Alcohol … drugs … prostitution.

In the end, an institution.

Adventure, New experiences, Freedom

Humility, Uncertainty, Independence.

Scared, sorry, confused. IS THIS LIFE?


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